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Sara Alepin, CEO of District Bliss, Photos from the Harty, and Podcaster on The Wedding Dish and Laughing with Gingers

Hi, I’m Sara Alepin

I am a master connector. 

I'm so good at it, I turned it into a business when founding the District Bliss community. 

As an extrovert living in a work-from-home world, I found ways to leverage connections and continue to expand my multiple businesses and podcasts, even during the pandemic.

I put together the District Bliss Academy to support our Members, but realized that all entrepreneurs could benefit from these fantastic courses, so I decided to open it up to the public!

Before the courses end up in the District Bliss Academy, we host them live — you can join us and check out the schedule by clicking here.

@sarawithoutanh | @districtblissevents

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